Northland First Aid Inc.

Northland First Aid has been providing first aid units, qualified attendants and has been providing training since the early 1990's.  We are located in the geographical centre of British Columbia and service the entire province.

We have worked in many different industries such as the oil and gas, highways, forestry, railroad and construction to name a few.  We are able to provide references as needed.

We also specializes in first aid training, industrial safety courses, survival training, and outdoor skills.

We look forward to working with your organization in the future.

We Actually do First Aid

We never hope for accidents but we prepare our attendants for the real world. While the workforce is generally safe problems do accrue and we have to be ready.

We do a lot of our work near highways and as result we are often the first responders to many motor vehicle accident scenes. Attending to these accidents is sobering but also rewarding as we impact peoples life for good.

Positively effecting accidents over the years has been a benefit because contractors we work with feel very confidant having us on their team. Contact us for references.


Kat Ogier

Course Manager

Leor Stanley

General Manager