Our mobile treatment centers (MTC) are more than an Emergency Transport Vehicle (ETV).  They are completely equipped First Aid Rooms combined with an industrial ambulance. All of our units have certified roll over protection and are mounted on 4x4 pickup trucks. These units will satisfy Workers Compensation Board requirement for up to 200 workers on a job.

As well as being completely medically equipped, we carry an AED (Automated External Defibrillator) which has been proven to greatly increase the success at saving lives. Our units also have sophisticated VHF and cell phone communication equipment allowing the first aid attendant access for outside emergency assistance from many location.

Our First Aid Attendants all have OFA Level #3 qualifications and are licensed radio operators. Many have the Alberta Endorsement as well. Attendants will be on call during your workday plus after hour’s emergencies at any time while on your work site.

We travel anywhere in BC and Alberta and the Yukon.


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